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Are Newsletters beneficial?

Posted by Marine Dealer Solutions on Mar 9, 2017 5:53:10 PM

With the existence of various forms of marketing tools, newsletters have not appealed to many marketers as a central avenue to generate leads and increase sales. However, after a complete comprehension of the primary function of newsletters, we can rule that it is an essential marketing tool that every business needs to embrace. Like other forms of marketing, newsletters’ impact on many businesses is quantifiable.   The companies which use this medium also pay keen attention to the technological advances made in content marketing. Adopting Email-Newsletters (E-newsletter) for them has proved to be the cheapest means of relaying significant information to prospects about their products and services. Additionally, E-newsletters, if well-crafted with relevant evidence to clients, can transform leads to sales. Newsletter's past glory was generated from the printed ones. But as a business, the behavior of your target audience regarding leads and open rates will enable you to select either print or e-newsletters, or a combination would serve the best interest of marketing. With a newsletter, gauging the result is simple. For instance,

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4 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas for the Boating Industry

Posted by Marine Dealer Solutions on Mar 2, 2017 7:06:57 PM

Together with other marketing strategies such as running advertisements, search engine optimization for your website, and many other campaigns, email marketing campaigns can drive your sales up. Even as you embark on such a campaign, you should have your target audience clearly mapped out and also know your specific call-to-action.

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