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Pros and Cons of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Posted by Marine Dealer Solutions on Nov 22, 2017 2:50:59 PM

The definition of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is as simple as it sounds. When you have set up an online marketing or advertising campaign as it is set up from both your web platform, or advertising space purchased in the search engine. The amount your company will pay for the campaign is not a flat fee, but based upon the number of clicks on the ad that will follow through to your website, campaign, landing page or other location. One of the primary spaces where PPC ads are used is with Google, where you have the option to place strong keywords in your ad or campaign statement, and with the number of clicks that come through based on your placement at the top of search results, the benefits for you are great visibility with the potential for paying a higher bill because of your appearance at the top of the results list.

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