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Live Chat: Good Idea For Your Dealership?

Posted by Marine Dealer Solutions on Jan 2, 2017 7:02:02 PM

A common discussion within dealerships is whether or not Live Chat is a good idea or a bad idea. There are reasons why Live Chat may not be a ideal for your dealership, but with proper management and a steady process, the benefits of Live Chat can greatly outweigh any drawbacks.

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How Live Chat Improves Customer Experience

Posted by Marine Dealer Solutions on Nov 17, 2016 2:00:00 PM

 A good meal is characterized by a combination of factors. However, there is always a factor that stand out the most, making it more satiable and delicious. Website development also demands an essential feature to improve the quality of interactions between the company and the products and services. Developers should bear in mind that the best consumer experience improvement strategy starts with the correct software tools in place.

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