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10 successful words to use when calling a Lead, and why.

Posted by Marine Dealer Solutions on Feb 7, 2017 5:38:33 PM

As a boat dealer, calling leads and customers is a very important part of gaining and retaining business. To ensure, when speaking with a lead, that your prospect will want to proceed with the purchasing process there are a number of words and phrases to use that will help you gain their trust and ultimately, give them reason to continue further. A major factor when speaking with leads is to always remember the diverse nature of each and every client. If you know little about their age, culture, interest or personality of the prospect, it’s wise to maintain a general tone and use calling etiquette norms; greetings, audibility, etc. When calling a lead, bear in mind that the candidate hasn’t made a purchase yet, and reaching out to them is simply the next step forward.

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